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Off-Road "Like A Girl"

It's no doubt that women have come a long way since the days of not being able to vote! However, like any movement, there is always more work to be done.


Many people still believe that to be a woman is to be less. Women are often judged solely by their physical appearance, while their

intelligence, character, and capability go unnoticed. 


Growing up, and in adult life, many women are told that they do things "like a girl."


Our mission is to reclaim the phrase, "like a girl," and transform it from a negative meaning to a positive one. Not to suggest that we are any better or any less, but that we are human, and just as capable as anyone else!


We are advocates for friendly competition and strength through unity. Not only women uniting with women, but also women and men uniting to create a better world for our future generations!







Our Logo


People often ask us about the meaning of our logo. We took the traditional Venus symbol for woman and "threw a wrench in it," interrupting what women are expected to be and encouraging them to defy all limitations!

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